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ITENDER is an indigenous Crowdfunding Team-Work Based, Person to Person, Naira Donations Network-Business Platform. It is Designed Intelligently to Empower Members Start Up various Businesses in the Country and Earn Naira From a Spare Amount of NGN2,500 Or more.
Our Ideology is simple: We allow our members to help themselves by donating directly to one so that can startup their businesses without taking a loan from any bank.


2500 3250

5000 7500

10000 15000

20000 30000



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Donate any amount from GH₵100

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You can also make donation in Bitcoin. Starting from $10


There is NO Central Account where all the System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from). All the money is only on the banking accounts of the participants themselves, on a lot of thousand and million private accounts of participants.

Participants transfer to each other directly, without intermediaries, we only regulates the process - nothing more.

Our Bonuses

At Globalcash, giving is our Habit. When you donate to another participant, you also get rewarded for donating

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Profit (Peso)


Profit (Bitcoin)


Frequently asked questions

How can I Join?

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NO! there is no Central account where all the money goes to. Donation is from one participant to another without the interference of a bank. GlobalCash is just a platform to carry out a seamless donation to avoid cheating.
Joining GlobalCash comes with alot of benefits. Which are:
  • 5% Signup Bonus (This will be added to your initial donation)
  • 10% Referral Bonus (This will be added to your donation)
  • 50% increase on all your donation (It will be added to your donation)
After making a voluntary donation, you will have to wait for 30days to get your fund, bonuses and profit back. It is as simple as that!


We have affected alot of lives positively in Namibia and Holland; Now it is your turn in the Phillipines
Join our amazing community and start living the better life that your deserve

Retirement is fun with Globalcash! With a token donation to another participant, I got my Donation back plus 50% Profit on it and my signup Bonus was too good to be true.

Pa. Mason/ Retiree

Globalcash is the easiest way to Create wealth in this century. My bitcoin Investment has made me richer! Thank you Globalcash!

-Asuncion John/ Business Man

Who said students can't be rich,? With the Help of Globalcash, I was able to pay my tuition, bought a new laptop for my assignment and also Send some Money to my Parents in Manilla. Thank you Globalcash

-Mary .K. / Student